The Best Resistance Bands of 2022
WINNER: Best Unique Resistance Band

“Many users find the Gorilla Bow to be more engaging than traditional resistance bands, likely because of its unique design and programming.”

Your Home Gym Will Be Much More Effective with this Original Gorilla Bow In It

“The ability to get so many weightlifting workouts done from home without taking up too much space is big.”

Best Home Gym Equipment for Small Spaces

“This total-body system encourages you to get creative as you row, pull, and squat against the resistance—and it’s small enough to store out of the way or travel with.”

The Men’s Health 2020 Fitness Awards
WINNER: Best Resistance Bands

“The problem with resistance bands: They’re too flimsy for some exercises. The fix: Gorilla Bow, which marries up to 110 pounds of banded tension (more with additional bands) and a sturdy, versatile bow, allowing you to do exercises like skull crushers and shoulder presses with ease.”

The 16 Best Resistance Bands to Pack in Your Gym Bag
WINNER: Best All-In-One Trainer

“Can target just about every single muscle group. Incredibly durable.”

The 60 Best Home Gym Equipment in 2022, According to a Fitness Director

“This bands and bow set provides variable resistance for a twist on a surprising number of exercises, forcing your muscles to spend more time under tension—a central tenet of muscle building.”

Gorilla Bow review. A unique way to incorporate resistance band training

“The Gorilla Bow is a great addition to any home gym. It significantly enhances the potential for resistance band workouts. It can target any muscle group with a large variety of resistances and exercises. Almost everyone can benefit from the Gorilla Bow, even advanced weightlifters.”

Gorilla Bow Travel Review: Everything You Need to Know

“Considering everything you get for your money, we recommend the Gorilla Bow Travel for its strength and versatility.”

The Best Resistance Bands for Your Next Workout
WINNER: Best Overall Resistance Bands

“Closest alternative to traditional barbell exercises. Can stack up to four bands for a variety of resistance intensities.”

The Original Gorilla Bow Hits the Bullseye When It Comes to Resistance Training

“Working out with this device gave us a sense of accomplishment other banded workouts couldn't, and we really appreciated how similar the movements felt to our standard barbell exercises.”

I’m Cheating on My Gym With This Portable Fitness Bow

“It was exactly what I was looking for: A portable and versatile fitness system that uses resistance bands and a sturdy bow to replicate the weight of a barbell, hand weights, or a pulley system that you find in the gym.”