The Role of Rest and Recovery in Achieving Quick Fitness Results

December 7th, 2022

“My weight had sky rocketed to 278 in 2011. I now weigh 200, with a goal of 160. To say the Gorilla Bow gets results is an understatement!” - Oscar H.

Is the Old Gym Model Broken?

The traditional gym model doesn’t work for many people anymore. With busy lives, rising costs, and outdated membership models. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are opting to leave their gym memberships, and try new fitness solutions instead.


Why Working Out Has Permanently changed

In the last couple of years, fitness habits have evolved. Similar to the way many office workers don’t want to go back to the office. Many have gotten used to working out from home and now the idea of having to commute to a gym (that can get busy) is less appealing than before.

With many people seeking new ways to work out. There’s been an explosion of what’s on offer if you want to get in shape. Whether that’s exploring new workout equipment at home, the latest fitness-tech app, or even virtual classes.

Let’s look at some of the options:

Virtual classes - these are great and have many advantages like their flexibility and being on demand. But they have some big drawbacks. It’s very easy to get distracted and often no one is there to correct your form or technique. So if you’re trying to lift heavy weights there’s an increased risk of injury.

Fitness tech app - Similar to virtual classes, fitness apps can be cheap, convenient, and have a variety of workouts to try. But remember, you don’t always have access to the equipment you need which gets in the way. And sometimes there’s far too much data, so it’s hard to find insights that can truly help. For the less tech-savvy, this might just feel overwhelming like walking into the gym for the first time.

At-home-workout equipment - One of the most popular workout solutions by far. Setting up at-home gyms or even opting for a hybrid model with both at-home workouts and a gym has proved to be one of the most popular options.

Today you have plenty of flexibility and choice. Plus a range of price points to suit most budgets. One of our favorites is the Gorilla Bow.


A Total Body Workout Anywhere You Want


The Gorilla Bow is a safe and effective way to build muscle, lose weight, and tone up without putting pressure on your joints. And you can get all these benefits without needing a gym or a pricey gym contract.  

Fundamentals of the ancient bow combined with modern resistant band technology give you this ultimate workout tool >>>

Unlike dumbbells or lifting weights which many think of with the gym. The Gorilla bow uses resistance band technology. This means you can get a total body burn, on multiple planes using linear variable resistance. (don’t worry, we’ll explain this below).

The Gorilla bow resistance band tech is super portable so you can get a total body workout on the go too.

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How does resistance training work? Here’s what most people don’t know…

What most people don’t know is resistance band training produces a different type of tension. It’s called progressive tension a.k.a linear variable resistance.

Imagine an elastic band.

The more the band is stretched, the more resistance it provides. And this is why resistance band training is such an effective way to build muscle and tone up. You get more resistance through the range of your movement so your muscle fibers are activated longer and see more time under tension.

Resistance band training also gives continuous tension. 

Unlike heavy weights, (which are good and work for many) the tension can change throughout a lift. This is one of its main drawbacks which can lead to injury with improper form.

Resistance bands on the other hand are under tension constantly. This means your muscles get a more consistent workout and your form will be safer. In this way, you’ll experience a whole new and better muscle burn as proof it’s working.


Simple to use + you can start working out right away.

Each Gorilla bow comes with a range of resistance bands so you can try out and progress with different tensions.

Each bow is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and gives you an impressive range of up to 300 lbs of resistance. The bands are flexible and you can stretch them 2.5 times their length for even more exercises too.

The Gorilla Bow is incredibly easy and simple and easy to use…

  1. Grab your Gorilla Bow.
  2. Add the resistance bands and attach them securely to the claws at each end. (You can attach up to 4 resistance bands at a time).
  3. You’re ready and good to go.


With each Gorilla bow, you also get 30 days of All-Access. So with just a couple of clicks, you’ll unlock a massive library of new workouts and a variety of programs and classes to explore.

There is something for everyone regardless of if you’re a beginner or a fitness junkie. Classes are delivered by an expert team of certified personal trainers and fitness experts.


What Customers are saying about the Gorilla Bow

Check out these reviews from over 2,000+ verified Gorilla Bow Customers:

“I can’t brag enough about it”

As a former personal trainer and almost 50 years old it’s not about lifting more weights and getting bigger. it’s all about preserving the muscle I do have.

The only limitation to these bands are your imagination a lot for stabilizing muscles core muscles a rehabilitating injury. I can’t brag enough about it but I love using it.

- Adam F

“Definitely worth the money.”

I purchased the gorilla bow a few months ago. I waited to write a review because I wanted to make sure I thoroughly tested it out before giving my honest opinion.

First and foremost, for those skeptical about resistance bands being able to build muscle mass — let your skepticism end here. I’ve only been using the gorilla Bow and resistance bands (no weights whatsoever) for the past few months. Needless to say, I’ve gained noticeable muscle mass.

I love the gorilla bow. With it, you can do most of the important weight lifts that you would perform in the gym. From preacher curls, to tricep push downs, to squats... you can do it all. The gorilla bow eliminates the hassle of having to drive to a gym, pay a monthly or yearly membership fee, etc.

And yes, the bands offer plenty of resistance. So whether your fitness is at a beginner level or advanced, the gorilla bow can and will challenge you.

Another thing I like is that you can use the resistance bands by themselves to do single arm bicep curls, tricep extensions and much more.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the gorilla bow, I highly recommend you do so. You won’t regret it!

- Michael Boyd

“The Gorilla Bow family took every one of those problems and created a solution!!”

In a realistic world not everyone can make it to a gym, want to go to the gym, or even feel comfortable in a gym setting!

The gorilla Bow family took everyone of those problems and created a solution!! What else can you say? Lol

- Tyrell G.

You can read more reviews here.

Gorilla Bow Gym

Full body workout

Reduced risk of injury

Time efficient



With a Gorilla bow, you can do most of the important weight lifts you would perform in the gym like curls, triceps push down, or even squats.

And whether you want to create an at-home gym… or use it in addition to your current workout routine…

The Gorilla Bow offers an effective solution.

Most full-scale body workout machines can cost on average anywhere from $699 up to $3999+.

Gorilla Bow can replace that, take up less space and save you money.

The good news is the Gorilla Bow is far more cost-effective and you can pick up one of their models for less than the price of a year at the gym.

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Here’s how to get a total body workout at home today.

To get the best price for a Gorilla bow, head to the official Gorilla Bow website.

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Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the official Gorilla Bow website to explore Gorilla Bow. (there are 3 options)
  2. Place an order to enjoy the freedom of a total body workout without all the hassle of going to the gym


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