Gorilla Bow

Heavy Band Kit / 220 lb

  • Heavy Band Kit / 220 lb

Gorilla Bow

Heavy Band Kit / 220 lb


Intensify your Gorilla Bow workout with this Extra Heavy Band Kit with 220 pounds in additional tension. 

The Extra Heavy Gorilla Bow resistance band kit comes with 2 x 50 lbs and 2 x 60 lbs bands, and band carrying case. 

The bands are multi-layer for ultra strength and durability for intense training sessions. 

  • Intensify your workout with these four extra-strength bands, providing 220 lbs. in additional muscle-building tension. Each band kit ships with a carrying case, complete with a spring-clasp cord lock. Fits the Gorilla Bow and Gorilla Bow Travel.

  • ● (2) 50 lb. Multi-layer Bands
    ● (2) 60 lb. Multi-layer Bands
    ● Gorilla Band Carrying Case


Get a 100% refund if you aren’t satisfied with your Gorilla Bow.


Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, Gorilla Bow is built to last.


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