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Warning: Important Safety Information


Fitness training can result in serious personal injury or death if not done safely and properly. Risk of serious injury or death can be reduced if safe techniques and common sense are practiced when using this equipment. You should not exercise without first consulting your physician and should never do so without proper instruction or supervision. Prior to exercising with this equipment, please check it for worn or damaged parts. If wear or damage is found, stop using the equipment until the wear or damage has been remedied or the equipment has been replaced. If using this product in conjunction with other equipment, please read and follow all of the manufacturer's instructions for that equipment as well. If not available, please contact the manufacturer for proper instructions. For Gorilla Fitness products you can visit our website www.GorillaBow.com for more information. 

  1. Before EACH use, visually inspect equipment and all parts to ensure they are working properly. NEVER use this equipment if it is not working properly or if there are any signs of wear such as frayed, cut, gouged or worn tubing, handles or anchors. Call Customer Service with any questions or concerns regarding use.
  1. Consult your physician before starting this or any other exercise program. Fitness training can result in serious injury or death. Risk of injury can be lessened when safe technique and common sense are practiced. Before beginning your first workout, become familiar with the Gorilla Bow set and review all exercise guidelines prior to using the equipment. If you have any questions consult your physician. Your physician should assist you in determining the target heart rate zone appropriate for your age and physical condition. Certain exercise programs or types of equipment may not be appropriate for all people. This is especially important for people over the age of 35, pregnant women, or those with preexisting health problems or wrist, elbow, shoulder or other joint and muscle impairments. If you are taking medication which may affect your heart rate, a physician's advice is absolutely essential. 
  1. Tubing contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions, such as mild itching, skin redness or hives. The allergic reactions may also be life threatening, such as anaphylactic shock, which can cause a drop in blood pressure, difficulty breathing, blueness of your skin, or even loss of consciousness. Seek medical attention immediately if you think you are experiencing any reaction to the latex. 
  1. ONLY PERFORM THE EXERCISES SHOWN ON THE WORKOUT SECTTION (https://www.gorillafitnessequipment.com/pages/workouts), Performing exercises or movements not specifically shown may overstretch the bands. NEVER stretch bands more than two times band length. Overstretching the bands can cause the band/s to separate from the bow, resulting in serious injury to your eyes and/or other body parts. 
  1. Handicapped or disabled people must have medical approval before using this equipment and should be under close supervision when using any exercise equipment. 
  1. Start out slowly and progress sensibly. Even if you are an experienced exerciser, start with the easier modifications of the exercises and become familiar with all of the exercises before moving on to more advanced modifications. 
  1. Do not overexert yourself with this or any other exercise program. Listen to your body and respond to any reactions you may be having. You must learn to distinguish "good" pain, like fatigue, from "bad" pain, which hurts. If you experience any pain or tightness in your chest, an irregular heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, or shortness of breath, stop exercising at once and consult your physician immediately. 
  1. Breathe naturally, never holding your breath during an exercise. Avoid over-training, you should be able to carry on a conversation while exercising. 
  1. Warm up before any exercise program by doing 5 to 10 minutes of gentle aerobic exercise, such as walking, followed by stretching. 
  1. Use this equipment ONLY for the intended use as described by the manufacturer. DO NOT modify the equipment or use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use more than 4 bands on the Gorilla Bow at one time. 
  1. Have plenty of clearance space. It is important to keep children, pets, furniture and other objects out of the way when using your equipment. You should have a minimum of 3 feet of clearance space. 
  1. Wear appropriate clothing when exercising. Workout clothing should be comfortable and lightweight, and should allow freedom of movement. Wear comfortable athletic shoes made of good support with non-slip sales, such as running or aerobic shoes. 
  1. THIS EQUIPMENT IS NOT FOR USE BY CHILDREN. To prevent injuries, keep this and all fitness equipment out of the reach of children. Follow these simple rules:

 - Keep children out of rooms where you have your exercise equipment.

- Store exercise equipment in a room that can be locked.

- Know exactly where your children are when you work out.

- If you have small children at home, don't wear headphones while you work out.

- Talk to your kids about the dangers of exercise equipment. 

  1. ONLY one person at a time should use this equipment. 
  1. Because the bands have elastic properties, the bands may snap toward you if they break during use or are released while under stress. This can result in serious injury to your eyes and other body parts. Therefore, it is extremely important that you inspect the bands before each use. Closely examine the bands for nicks, tears, punctures and other flaws. If you find any flaws, do not use the bands. It is also extremely important that you use smooth, controlled movements and never release the bands while they are under stress. 
  1. Do not use the Gorilla Bow if your hands are wet or greasy. Test before using by pulling on the bands [not to exceed more than two times band length] to make sure the bands are securely attached to the bow. Securely grip the handle to prevent it from slipping out of your hand. Losing your grip can cause the band to snap resulting in serious injury to your eyes and/or other body parts. 
  1. If you plan to anchor the bands to a stationary object (including using the door anchor), follow the directions carefully. Test before using by pulling on the handles [not to exceed more than two times band length) to make sure that the stationary object can support your weight and that the band is securely attached to the stationary object and door anchor when applicable. 
  1. Keep bands away from sunlight, direct heat sources, dampness, grease and sharp objects that may result in cuts or punctures.