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Band Wrap


  • Band Wrap

Gorilla Bow

Band Wrap


The Gorilla Bow Wrap is designed to prevent the bands from separating during exercises such as chest press. With the elastic ends, it stays firmly in place but can easily slide to one side when flowing into a different exercise routine.

Made out of heavy duty canvas, this wrap is durable and strong!

  • Constructed of heavy-duty canvas, with a non-slip coating for smooth movements - the 8-inch Band Wrap is designed for those that like to use multiple bands on their Gorilla Bow at once. The Band Wrap conveniently collects and keeps Gorilla Bands together during exercises. Elastic end sections and heavy-duty hook & loop fasteners keep the wrap firmly in place, but allow it to slide when it’s time for a different movement.

  • ● Band Wrap (8”)
    ● Neoprene Liner
    ● Reinforced Stitching
    ● Hook & Loop Closure

Product Benefits


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Aircraft-grade T6 aluminum.

Easy To Store

56 inches in length.

Full Body Workout

Any muscle group, one tool.

30-Day Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your bow, we offer hassle-free returns for 30 days.

User Friendly
Light Weight
Full Body Weight
30day return policy
Easy to store
  • ● Check out our library of workouts
    ● Aircraft-grade T6 aluminum
    ● 56 inches in length
    ● Any muscle group, one tool
    ● If you are unsatisfied with your bow,we offer hassle-free returns for 30 days